Hello, I am Crownfan, a long-term contributor to the Crown project. I barely submit proposals to be compensated for my work, as the proposal system is always very full and developers need their wage to continue working on Crown Core. In April (CoinFestUK) but specially during the month of June (BlockchainHotel, UNCHAIN Convention, NONcentralCONF) i have attended several conferences. The community supported part of the expenses necessary to be there, mainly sponsorship costs. If you want, you can tip me for having attended the conferences, mainly for my time and effort. I conducted several interviews, held presentations, spoke on panels, and encouraged new people to join Crown as stakeholders and contributors.  The videos of the conferences are being edited by a professional team and will be out soon on the Crown Platform YouTube.

The CoinFestUK presentation has already been published, you can check it out here:


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