Non fungible tokens
Guide (Testnet)

If you’re not sure what NFTs are please follow this link. To further understand Crowns version of NFTs follow this link

Enter a username associated with the NFT (For our records only)

Email Address
Enter an email address (For our records only)

NFT Name
“nfTokenProtocol” The short string that represents the token or series of tokens.
Eg: yourtoken1

“nfTokenId” A sha-256 hash of a document for example. Create one here (Text) and for images here.
Eg: ef56a93bddf93a9469221922e0aa2c52e9a846be2639e1db906609cfb9271e99

NFT Owner address
“nfTokenOwnerAddr” The owners public key address (Currently only our public keys work, use from below).

Eg: tCRWJULtsrYcdzz4idgrBMcCtjXe1epxvToL7

Eg: tCRWRmyHNSfDkhG8hvBj5gvs8PTnG7kmbEo4z

Eg: tCRWFuCBgYHneTyT1ghwiw2GrLYbpvtLqDJuv

Eg: tCRWXTyYvVXz8hj8mYRQ74Ai7T4BBp5GXpZpU

Eg: tCRWJjVQvse73BiDjChX8C4KGc9NFAoAu2rrQ

NFT Metadata Admin Address
“nfTokenMetadataAdminAddr” Administrators address (Can change metadata) (Use your own address).
Eg: tCRWJULtsrYcdzz4idgrBMcCtjXe1epxvToL7

NFT Metadata
“nfTokenMetadata”  Add more information about the token or a link.
Eg: Enter text or link here to represent the phyisical contents of the token, for example.

1. "nfTokenProtocol"           (string, required) A non-fungible token protocol symbol to use in the token creation. The protocol name must be valid and registered previously.2. "nfTokenId"                 (string, required) The token id in hex. The token id must be unique in the token type space."3."nfTokenOwnerAddr"         (string, required) The token owner key, can be used in any operations with the token. The private key belonging to this address may be or may be not known in your wallet.4. "nfTokenMetadataAdminAddr"  (string, optional, default = \"0\"). The metadata token administration key, can be used to modify token metadata. The private key does not have to be known by your wallet. Can be set to 0.5. "nfTokenMetadata"           (string, optional) metadata describing the token. It may contain text or binary in hex/base64.