Terms and conditions


    1. Only use Crwwallet.net for small deposits, we cannot guarantee funds will not be compromised. We do however take security very seriously and take every measure we can to protect funds.
    2. Please do not post illegal content on our platform or you will be reported.
    3. Do not game the system in any way.
    4. Report any issues you see on the crwwallet platform to (admin@crwwallet.net)
    5. Do not abuse the free NFT generator.
    6. User funds will be held in hot and cold wallets at a 30/70 split. If you require a large withdrawal, it may take upto 24 hours for us to manually process.
    7.  Please only post about contributions directly related to Crown.

Our promise

To protect our users we promise to hold 10,000 CRW within a Masternode. The total balance will cover any loses crwwallet.net hot wallet may suffer as a result of security flaws.